About Adjunct Connect

Concierge level of attention to the needs of candidates, adjuncts and universities to create a quality student experience.


We strive to provide the bridge to find a dissertation advisor with expertise congruent with your research interests to guide you through your research inquiry.


We provide the pathway to establish quick connections with qualified adjunct to strategically build your online programs and adjunct networks


We curate quality connections with candidates and universities in an efficient manner. Our success will build your network of opportunities.

Our mission

To increase the pool of potential high quality adjunct teaching professionals across all disciplines in higher education and to provide a user-friendly online portal for interested institutions, program directors, doctoral students, and quality adjunct candidates to connect.

Our goal

To provide a bridge between institutions, students, and adjuncts to optimize a quality student experience in higher education. To date, no platform exists to assist program directors in finding quality adjunct candidates for open teaching opportunities, nor is there a method by which online doctoral candidates can connect with experts in their respective fields.

Why We are Here

As institutions of higher education move to more fluid and less cost-prohibitive methods of delivering content to its students, it is more important than ever to be able to connect institutions with part time and adjunct professionals that are both experts in their respective fields and are also able to deliver a quality product in the classroom or online. This database would give an opportunity for interested and high-quality candidates to publicize themselves while also providing institutions with information on adjunct candidate credentials, areas of expertise and quality based on anonymous and external reviews.

Some data to support this problem:

  • 5% of college faculty are now off the tenure track, meaning they have NO access to tenure.
  • This represents 1.3 million out of 1.8 million faculty members.
  • Of these, 700,000 or just over 50% are so-called part-time, most often known as “adjunct.”